Freedom through Mobility

You know your needs better than we do!

That’s why we offer a wide range of mobility solutions, ready to adapt to your requirements! A variety of lifts, seating and driving adaptation options are available.

Driving controls & aids

Proudly developed and manufactured in Canada, Sure Grip is a leader in the mobility driving aids market. AMS installs hand controls and driving aids such as left foot accelerators, steering wheel attachments and secondary controls, as well as other accessories.
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Seating Solutions

Getting in and out of a vehicle is made easier with a turning seat. These turning seats rotate, extend and lower to allow easy access to a variety of vehicle types including vans, SUVs and sedans. No compromises. Call us to find out what’s best for your vehicle
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Occupied & Un-occupied Lifts


Innovative, reliable and easy-to-use, wheelchair lifts offer you a variety of options with features to increase visibility, save space and reduce weight. From automatic split platforms that fold up and out of the way at the press of a button to leave the doorway clear for ambulatory passengers, to folding platforms that provide an unobstructed view to minimize blind spots, we will help you identify the right solution to your unique mobility needs.
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